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The Rosetta Stone

Table of Contents


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The Rosetta Stone to the Human Mind

Table of Contents

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Danatella Marazziti

Alwyn Scott

Nick Mansfield

David R. Hawkins


The Puzzle

Part I: Learning the Languages

1. Humanity’s Search for Mind and the Subject: A Brief Review

    of the Evolution of Neuropsychobiology

2. An "Ideographic," Suprapersonal Language of Rules and Universal

    Symbols: Alwyn Scott and Nonlinear Dynamics

3. A "Demotic," First-Person Language of the Individual and the

    Social System: Apuleius and the Myth of Psyche

4. The Language of the Objective Observer: Gerald Edelman and

    Neurodarwinism: Antonio Damasio and the Feeling of Knowing

        Gerald Edelman and Neurodarwinism

        Antonio Damasio and the Feeling of Knowing

Part II: Seeking the Understanding

5. Consciousness

6. The Unconscious

7. The Database

8. Affectivity

9. The Neural/Mental Gap: Intuition, Self and Ego,

    a. Trilingual Map

Part III: Applying the Knowledge

10. The Three Languages and Science: A New Scientific Paradigm?

11. The Three Languages and Treatment

12. The Psychotherapeutic Dialogue: Intersubjectivity

13. The Role of a New Science for Psyche Upon Society and Culture


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