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Professional Outline  

"Bush' infirmaries in Cunama country (Eritrea).

Psychological testing and anthropological study of the Cunama tribe.

Neuropsychiatry at the Itegue' Menen Hospital in Asmara (Eritrea).

Instructor in Human Physiology, Milan University.

Building a dam on the Niger River: (anesthesiologist, internist, pediatrician, surgeon, obstetrician, radiologist).

Field research on treatment of malaria (Nigeria).

Missionary medicine in Kakure (Nigeria).

Private practice in Kano (Nigeria).

Residency in Psychiatry completed in 1976 (New Haven).

Inpatient medical director, YNH/VA Medical Center, New Haven.

Chair of Psychiatry, Waterbury, Connecticut.

Full-time faculty, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.

Full-time private practice, Philadelphia.


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